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Camp LeJeune

Camp LeJeune is a US Marine Corps base and training camp in Onslow County, North Carolina. From 1953-1987 hundreds of Marines and their families (including Mr. English’s own brother and his family) were exposed to toxic and dangerous chemicals in the drinking water. As early as the 1940s, the Navy found toxic chemicals such as PCE and TCE in the wells that provided drinking water to Camp LeJeune. While the Navy would shut down those particular wells, it failed toact on the source of the problem-the source of the chemicals being dumped into the water. The Navy failed to act adequately to protect our Marines and their families susceptible to the diseases caused by drinking the water. Specifically, PCE and TCE, two of the deadliest chemicals found in the water, can cause increased rates of leukemia, bladder cancer, other types of cancer, and even neurologic diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease.

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marine corps flags national claims camp lejeune